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International SEO Executive

I’m an SEO Executive at iProspect, which is part Dentsu Aegus, the 5th largest media and advertising company in the world, where I currently work in their global HQ in London.

I also graduated from a postgraduate degree in Retail Marketing with Distinction from the University of Stirling in Scotland, one of the best ranked programs in the country. Prior to and during my studies I also worked for a German digital marketing agency, specialising in Google Adwords (PPC) and Search-Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I was born and raised in Germany, but consider myself a citizen of the world. Whether it be Europe, Central America or Asia, I had great international experiences to learn from. During my extensive international travels I learned to appreciate the diversity of human cultures and personalities. Being fluent in English, a native German speaker as well as speaking conversational Thai, my ambition is to work in an international working environment that crosses regional market boundaries.

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Digital Marketing

Google Adwords (PPC)


Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising model within Google's search-engine results pages.  

The search-engine advertising industry is constantly changing and developing, therefore I follow several important digital marketing blogs, such as SearchEngineLand or Moz  to keep myself up-to-date on the newest trends. I believe that whether one just got started in digital marketing, or one already has several years of experience, it is of great importance to always be reading, learning and improving ones skills. 

My current job responsibilities include:

- Keyword analysis, research and trends

- Strategic planning, implementation and optimisation of new campaigns

- Optimising landing-pages to improve Quality Factors

- Took the Adwords certification exams to help SENSational-Marketing maintain its Google Partner status


Search-Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search-Engine Optimisation is a process of generating higher rankings and increasing visibility in organic search results rankings in the major search-engines. As a market-leader and most used search-engine Google plays the most important role in generating leads and traffic to websites. 

My current responsibilities are:

- Analysing websites (technical and content) using tools such as Sistrix,, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics etc.

- Researching Keywords and Competitor Analysis

- Assistance in writing SEO-optimised content to improve SERP (Search-Engine Result Pages) rankings to increase traffic and optimising landing-pages.



WordPress is a free content-management system (CMS) that is used by many companies to build up their online presence. The advantages of using WordPress are its open-source online community. WordPress allows its users to customise their websites by giving them source-code access, as well as offering compatibility and easy implementation of a large number of available plugins provided by the community. 

I used WordPress to create this mobile-responsive website to gain some practical insights and familiarity with the system.

I have experience with:

- Website architecture and development

- WordPress Plugins (SEO Yoast etc.)



I am also active on social media. Check out my Instagram pictures below!


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